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Why the Future of Space Starts in LA

Both Sides of the Table 6/12 5:50A Mark Suster
Credit: Apex Today, Apex announced their Series B funding round, led by XYZ Ventures and CRV, with participation from Upfront . And if you spend much time in LA, you’ll quickly realize that we’re in a groundswell of space and defense startups. Is...

Learning When Leaving 6/3 3:55A Charlie O'Donnell
"Boy, do I have a lot to learn!" - Worst startup pitch, ever, right? Yet, that probably the closest thing to truth you could say in a pitch--and I'd argue that the kind of people you should be backing...

Themes vs Verticals: How to Stand Out as a VC Building a Thesis 5/16 6:35A Charlie O'Donnell
There are more active VCs alive today than have ever existed in the history of modern human existence—and that dates back 300,000 years! That means a lot of competition for the best deals and more...

Why Should a Founder Meet With You? 4/16 4:46A Charlie O'Donnell
I’ve been coaching a lot of non-partner VC professionals and their number one challenge (besides taking obligatory meetings that their GP throws over the fence at the last minute—GPs, why do you do...
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