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The Cleanse

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology 1/31 5:18A Fred Wilson
I ve never done a cleanse. But many of my friends and family members have done them. There are various flavors of cleanses but the basic idea is you cut back your consumption of food and drink and replace it with mostly liquid nutrition for...

The MIT Banana Lounge

Feld Thoughts 1/30 8:22A Brad Feld
I ve co-founded or been an early investor in many things. One of my favorites is the MIT Banana Lounge. I will be hanging out there Tuesday afternoon and doing an AMA from 2pm to 4pm. It began with an...

AI and the HyperEncabulator

Feld Thoughts 1/29 4:43A Brad Feld
Dave Jilk and I had a long discussion last night, which included some rambling about AI. If you have been following me for a while, you know that in 2010 I stated that the machines have already taken over for us and are patiently waiting for us...

Book: Please Report Your Bug Here

Feld Thoughts 1/23 2:56A Brad Feld
Some day there will be a genre called startup fiction . I mean, if science fiction, which is a sub-genre of fiction, can have libertarian science fiction and recursive science fiction , surely startup fiction belongs in a sub-genre of a sub-genre...

Interviews about Dealing with 2023

Feld Thoughts 1/19 5:08A Brad Feld
I usually do a few interviews (podcasts?) at the beginning of the year. I avoid all of the end of the prior year what do you predict for next year stuff and find that several long-form interviews at the beginning of the year allow me to get out of...

Book: Ted Conover’s Colorado

Feld Thoughts 1/16 5:52P Brad Feld
I read two books by Ted Conover over the weekend. Cheap Land Colorado: Off-Gridders at America s Edge (2022) Whiteout: Lost In Aspen (1991) Amy gave me the first one as a present. A few years ago, we bought a bunch of land about an hour s drive...

I Don’t Hate Crypto

Feld Thoughts 1/16 3:11A Brad Feld
Well, that was interesting. I get many more private emails in response to blog posts than comments. Yesterday, in response to Reflecting on Ponzi Schemes , I got a few that said anyone under 35 needs a net native currency, and that s crypto. A...

Reflecting on Ponzi Schemes

Feld Thoughts 1/15 4:12A Brad Feld
At the end of 2022, some people started shouting that Crypto was a Ponzi Scheme following earlier declarations by Bill Gates , Warren Buffett , and Charlie Munger . Others, especially those in the crypto industry, were saying some version of...

Same As It Ever Was

Feld Thoughts 1/4 5:28A Brad Feld
When I was in college in the 1980s, David Byrne and the Talking Heads were in regular rotation in my room along with Pink Floyd, except for the one semester where the only thing I listed to was Dark Side of the Moon (ah the joy of discovering...

What Just Happened

Feld Thoughts 1/2 2:59A Brad Feld
For those of you older than 40, it sort of felt like 2000. If you are younger than 40, a massive tech bubble just burst. I expect you know that. For the past six months, many VCs have been podcasting, tweeting, publicly writing, and generally...

What Will Happen In 2023

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology 1/1 3:46A Fred Wilson
I want to focus this post on the macro environment for tech, startups, web3, and climate because that is where my head is at right now. I believe that sometime in the first half of 2023, the central banks around the world will start backing off...

What Happened In 2022

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology 12/31 4:33A Fred Wilson
I like to bookend the New Year holiday with two posts, one looking back at the year that is ending and one looking forward to the year ahead. This is the first of these two posts. The second one will run tomorrow. What happened in 2022 is the...

Praying to the God of Valuation

Both Sides of the Table 12/11 12:55P Mark Suster
Something happened in the past 7 years in the startup and venture capital world that I hadn’t experienced since the late 90’s?—?we all began praying to the God of Valuation. It wasn’t always like this and frankly it took a lot of joy out of the...
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