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Book: Tulsa 1921

Feld Thoughts 7/12 2:44A Brad Feld
I heard the phrase Greenwood a few days after George Floyd was murdered. I d never heard of it, or of the Tulsa race massacre before. It s 2020, so I went looking around on the Internet. The more I read, the more upset I became. Amy and I then...

Trying a “No Scheduled Meeting” Week

Feld Thoughts 7/10 7:42A Brad Feld
I was going to take a week off the grid next week, but I ve got a bunch of podcasts and media recordings to do for my upcoming book The Startup Community Way . I also want to continue spending time in the new Startup Community community , which...

Book: The Startup Playbook

Feld Thoughts 7/8 6:30A Brad Feld
If you are working on your first startup, this is the book for you . Hopefully, the Foreword I wrote reflects my belief in the quality and importance of this book. My friends @willherman and...

How to Start Product Led Growth with Wes Bush and Blake Bartlett

OpenView Labs 7/8 2:00A Meg Johnson
Did you know that product led growth is a lot like bowling? Not only that, but it may be time to consider using bumpers if it means you ll get a strike. On this week s episode of the BUILD podcast we hear from Wes Bush, founder of the Product-Led...


A VC : Venture Capital and Technology 7/8 12:49A Fred Wilson
When the pandemic started, the conventional wisdom was that the capital markets would take a beating, including the venture capital market for startup capital. The second quarter of 2020 is now behind us and we will see the data on it soon. I...

Expanding My Perspective

Feld Thoughts 7/7 3:03A Brad Feld
I ve become aware that my existing network creates and perpetuates systemic inequities. Rather than abandon my existing network, I m investing time and energy in expanding my perspective and network...

The Secret to Strong Leadership is Self-Care

OpenView Labs 7/7 1:21A Alisa Cohn
Things are intense right now—and they ve been this way for months . Intense times call for your A-Game leadership. Or, as one of my startup CEO clients said to me last week, “It’s Jedi time.” How can you show up as the leader you want to be at...

Female Contemporary Mentors of Mine

Feld Thoughts 7/5 10:07A Brad Feld
In response to my post, Contemporary Mentors , a female reader of this blog who often sends me notes when I fall into a pattern of highlighting cis-het-white men, responded directly to the post with: I hope that you add more women and more...

Contemporary Mentors

Feld Thoughts 7/5 7:57A Brad Feld
The phrase contemporary mentors popped into my head on loop number six of eight on my morning run. I m training for a Covid marathon, which is 27 loops around my property. My pace is tentative as I m...

What Is Complexity Science?

Feld Thoughts 7/3 9:01A Brad Feld
As I caught up this morning on the posts in my new Startup Community community (over 1,000 people have already joined that was a pleasant surprise click here to join us ) I noticed one from a member...

An Inside Look at How SurveyMonkey Overhauled Pricing After 10 Years

OpenView Labs 7/3 7:48A Kyle Poyar
Just about everyone s heard of SurveyMonkey —and most of us have likely used it. But what you may not know is how dramatically the product has changed over the last 20 years, or that the company recently implemented a truly comprehensive pricing...

Energize Colorado Free and Low-Cost Mental Health Care

Feld Thoughts 7/2 8:16A Brad Feld
The Covid crisis has generated, or amplified, a number of separate crises. One of them is a mental health (or mental wellness) crisis. As humans, our entire way of living has been dramatically...

The Ultimate SaaS Pricing Resources Guide

OpenView Labs 7/2 6:14A Kyle Poyar
Pricing is a SaaS company’s most efficient profit lever, but it s also one of the easiest things to screw up. Nailing your SaaS pricing strategy requires more than just picking the optimal price and forgetting about it. Pricing must be...

The Startup Community community

Feld Thoughts 7/1 4:39A Brad Feld
My new book The Startup Community Way: Evolving and Entrepreneurial Ecosystem is coming out this month ( pre-order it here .) At the same time, the 2nd edition of my book Startup Communities: Building...
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