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A VC : Venture Capital and Technology 10/25 1:20A Fred Wilson
When you look at the recent Q3 numbers on seed and early-stage VC fundraising, you might think we are in the late stages of a VC bubble: The words I would use to describe the current environment in...

Why Founders Have No Clue How They Raised (Or Failed To) 10/24 6:13P Charlie O'Donnell
Sometimes it all seems like magic. In the beginning of my venture career, I knew of a firm that was involved in a highly competitive funding round that they ultimately failed to win. It was a clearly...

NYC’s Tech Resurgence (continued)

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology 10/12 12:49A Fred Wilson
A few weeks ago, I wrote about NYC s Tech Resurgence . I observed that NYC continues to develop as one of the world s leading centers of tech innovation. And then yesterday, I saw this tweet : NYC...

The many flavors of developer-focused software

OpenView Labs 10/11 7:20P Sam Richard
Software for developers tends to get lumped into one broad category. But it actually comes in many different flavors, each with its own unique challenges when it comes to designing a go-to-market...

Why Becoming a Dad Makes Me Want to Invest in More Startups 10/11 5:21A Charlie O'Donnell
This is my daughter, Mirren. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Charlie O Donnell - VC (@ceonyc) She’s the best . She was born 10 weeks early, on Labor Day, and like startups never are, has performed up and to the right nearly every...

Good Growth Leaders are Unicorns: Here’s How To Find Them

OpenView Labs 9/30 12:00A Sam Richard
The growth role is a confusing one to hire for. Early growth leaders should wear many different hats : experimenting with tactics, standing up what works for the business, and handing off those experiments to other go-to-market and product teams....
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